Campaign Details

Roberts Direct are one of  key distributors for smoking accessories and teamed with Tor Imports who distribute and supply a key brand called “Smoking Papers”

The drive was to restructure the call file for Roberts and target “Smoking Papers” into these said retailers. The sector being the head shops category who specialise in the need of the discerning consumer within this arena.

What We Did

Targeted 20 C Stores to see if there was demand and placed in all 20 outlets. This was trialed in West London and the results were positive even though the market is challenging and competitive.

Wessex Distribution Categorised the database and update the call file for Roberts Direct which enables an approach  to the correct customers with their range of accessories. This also adds value by supporting Tor Imports with smoking papers.

In addition to this Wessex Distribution Limited back Roberts within the Midlands and London driving their range of products within convenience channel and ensuring they have a sustainable customer base as the market moves forwards.

Captured in excess of 140 retail stockist and eCommerce customers as the trends of consumer habits change.