WDL was established in 2017 with 2 main functions; Field Sales and Logisits/Supply Chain. We have, combined, 70 years worth of knowledge and experience in both areas

Our Field Sales teams support FMCG companies to gain traction in their chosen channel. What we offer our clients is all the benefits of a full time sales team with the flexibility of short term, long term and interim contracts.


  • gaining product traction in London, we also operate across the UK and Ireland and have reach into Europe/worldwide
  • independent channel of trade
  • scalability as required

WDL’s Logistics/ Supply chain uses the wealth of knowledge and experience Andy has across many products and sectors. His ability to procure, move goods, bond to bond, warehousing, 3pl, track and trace, tobacco, beverages etc has meant that many clients have been able to fulfil their business needs where they have failed before hand.  


Your brand and our knowledge will deliver results

Andy Logan

Sophie Johnson
Trade Sales & Marketing Manager