Andy Logan

Sophie Johnson
Trade Sales & Marketing Manager

Sophie Johnson

With over 10 years’ experience within the sales industry, ranging from Health & Beauty, Hair, Finance, Tobacco, Events, Packaging and Branding, Aerospace, Auto & Industrial, Large Vehicles, B2B and B2C sales I have a sound commercial understanding of how different sectors operate and what they require to support the growth of the brand and company.

Throughout the various sectors I have generated success from creating and supporting varied events to suit the end goal and target market as well engaging new groups and leads via the social media and “out of the box” approaches that create relationships that are unique to that client and show I understand their business and go the extra mile.

My career has seen me working with varied companies globally recognised such as:


Bucher Municipal (JHL)

Sante Fe Reynolds

Lloyds TSB

AS well as marketing drives, increasing business and their reach with:


Lesta Packaging

SkyCig (Blu Ecig)

Wessex Distribution Limited has a great team that can fulfil your company’s requirements and needs. We offer a bespoke approach to support and deliver your goals.