Campaign Details

Kingsley Beverages are the largest beverage producer of soft drinks in South Africa. Their aim was to gain some quick traction in the UK ahead of their production facility being built in the UK.  This was the most difficult challenge presented from sourcing the sales team and procuring the value chain from South Africa and aligning the culture and expectations of the board.

We launched in the London area and midlands areas of the UK plus other key wholesalers a range of soft beverage brands and a unique energy drink. All these items were ready to list before our contract was handed over to the companies’ new structure of full time incumbents.

What We Did

Gained in excess of 120 retailers and 4 distributors in 4 months. We started to build the brand capturing large multiple wholesale groups and retail groups. We also provided brand awareness to the consumer.

Wessex Distribution Limited ran this mass traction campaign to spread the distribution into areas of the UK that could provide the support required for the portfolio the brands. 

A great range of products was now in the UK for Kingsley to drive forward and develop their own strategic goals.