Campaign Details

Aquapax is a unique water commodity with recyclable packaging that’s support the drive against plastic and something we believe has a great future for the brand owners at Aquapax.

In addition to procure a container supplier of note to support Aquapax with its lean supply chain.

In addition procure a new 3pl to help with demand in the UK and retailers that want to support the fight against plastic.

What We Did

We targeted convenience channel and food service providers and placed in over 280 retail stores. Promoting and placing the products within the right channel sectors making sure we could capture the consumer awareness.

The drive generated interest from key wholesalers and these are being discussed at present. To be bale to support Aquapax and their proud owner is a privilege.

In addition to this we have started to receive additional request from the HORECA channel which is where we see the product gaining traction as the water properties are unique with their PH levels of +7.2.

The next steps will shown in our updated blog within the coming quarter. #ditchtheplastic