Your Partner, Your Goals

Wessex Distribution Limited was created in 2017 to support SME business, to gain traction of a portfolio using our sales team mainly in London and Midlands areas.

WDL can also structure a supply chain to support the demand created by our sales organisation. With over 70 years’ experience throughout the team we have a broad knowledge and flexible approach to implementing grass roots and beyond.

The areas which we can support you are supplied via the expansive of network contacts are;

Fleet Management

IT support

Sales and Marketing

Supply and Value Chain Management.



The flow chart below shows the process of how we implement a clients objectives

In a complicated world that we live in, WDL believe in keeping simplicity at the heart of what we do.

Clients present their portfolio and align their strategy towards their business objectives. WDL sign the relevant NDA as we ensure integrity of our relationship is maintained and not shared. Once the portfolio is discussed and tested in the market WDL set up the network ranging from Sales/ Supply Chain and back office support.

WDL’s objective is to ready the client for market entrance by the end of the term. With a constant review process and enabling feedback both ways WDL then implement the next steps so that a business plan can have substance and longevity.

From risk assessments through to pricing policy and brand rationale this then structures the foundations for a distribution and product placement launch.