Andy Logan

Sophie Johnson
Trade Sales & Marketing Manager

Andy Logan CMILT IOM

I am the owner of Wessex Distribution Limited which was created out of a change in my career and subsequently implementing my experience and knowledge of the product placement, distribution, and supply chain solutions.

My career has been working with varying channels of trade and relevant trade sectors. Namely working within the FMCG area for the following companies

Santa Fe Reynolds

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Swedish Match AB

Seita France

Yale Security Products

Throughout my career with these companies, I have progressed within my position and education.

Types of roles

Account Management

National Accounts

Sales Management

Operations Manager

Procurement Manager

Supply Chain manager

Wessex Distribution Limited was developed through a can-do attitude, years of problems solving and solution finding. We have an extraordinarily strong network that allows us to tailor make the right support for your business. 

With a unique approach and holistic viewpoint, born out of having a sales and operational background, this provides a balanced, experienced perspective to support both the “front line” and “back office”.

Under Wessex Distribution Clients that I have worked with are:

Kingsley Beverages: Procurement and product placement with sourcing multimodal supplies from South Africa whilst their UK production facility opened in 2018

Davidoff UK: Product Placement for an item and produced 400+ distribution outlets

Roberts Distribution: Sourced over 1100 stockist for their unique accessory items in the convenience channel and targeting prime locations in key footfall areas

Tor Imports: Sorted database and cleanse customer file for their targeted audience in relation to their third-party partner

Aquapax: Gained some introductions for unique product in a plastic free packaging format into the high street arena, we continue to work on this and will have some good news for the brand in the coming months #ditchtheplastic

Gut Stuff: This area has been one of vocal support and the team behind such a great innovative area we continue to follow and hopefully work with in the future. A unique portfolio of items that are aimed at providing wellbeing for the digestive system

Flavourtec: Introduced Vape product portfolio into over 1400 retailers in what is a tough competitive market. Very much price driven and in need of continual support to gain the share of market required.

Transport solutions: I have worked on some multi-modal operations and logistics solutions for 2 partners who cannot be named due to confidentiality. This was to help with issues relating to Brexit and other related compliance issues

Currently working on Tobacco products directive legislation under track and trace for smaller distributors to enable them to be compliant and united under a trade body is now starting to take shape.

Procuring a solution that links all the aspects of what is required so that the ambiguous and out of sync distributors within the trade are all aligned.

I have some great colleagues in the tobacco and beverage markets and my objective here is to be impartial and provide simplistic approach to business support be that with product placement and my sales team or supply chain solutions with my partners