FMCG Companies Do You Want To Retain Your Distribution

Many FMCG SME companies come to Wessex Distribution Limited (WDL) to gain traction in market for their niche brands. 

These range from the following categories:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Beverages & Non-Alcohol
  3. Tobacco
  4. Tobacco accessories
  5. Confectionery

Not one company has ever thought right “what do we do with this distribution”

Why is this?

So many entrepreneurs and stakeholders expect their brands to retain distribution but they must work hard and support this moving forward. WDL can be there to help you

Investment in the following areas

  1. marketing/salespeople/ supply chain/ IT back office
  2. If these pillars are not built therefore brands can fail.
  3. Investment in people who have face to face contact that sell concepts and ideas into the hands of trade customer an ultimately the consumer.
  4. The supply chain is also key and to ensure compliance of any legislation is paramount to distributing products.

WDL can cover all this for you under one umbrella and united approach.

Social media works but only if there is distribution and for that you need people and networks to support.

Here is Distribution map and heat map of an item WDL placed for a client in the Vape sector within London and the highlighted investments that can result. The result was in excess of £60k value to the client involved.

The Client wasn’t prepared after gaining this distribution to invest in people to maintaining the results achieved. Replenishing sales and distribution require support otherwise this result disappears instantly.

Long-term support is key to your distribution.

Keep your Pillars intact and upright.